Woo is 9 Years Old

by Cord Blomquist | July 11, 2017 |



The Woo development team turns 9 years old today, and is offering 30% off all new purchases on WooCommerce.com with coupon 9YEARSOFWOO 'til 23:59 PST, July 11. Sure beats all those supposed Prime Day deals!

WooCommerce has become the defacto standard for ecommerce on WordPress, but that wasn't always the case. When ReadyMade first started building sites for clients in 2010, there was no real standard at all. WP e-Commerce, Cart66, Shopp, eShop, and a whole host of others, were vying for the market, but all of them were too complex to implement, didn't work with all payment processors, or had an incomplete set of add-ons for even the simplest functionality.

In those bygone days of seven years ago, ecommerce was a very atomized market, but there was a desire to coaslesce around a single commerce platform. When WooCommerce entered the market in 2011, it quickly started becoming that platform.

Part of this was driven by the same network effects that have made WordPress the wildly popular platform it is today. Namely, developers didn't want to make the same add-on for four, five, or six ecommerce platforms and consumers didn't want to have to choose a platform that might not have the add-ons they need in a year or two.

But Woo stood out because it was solidly-coded, easy to implement, intuitive to use, and was marketed as real commercial product with real support behind it, not a development project that simply gave you the code and wished you the best of luck. This approach drew customers, which drew developers, which drew more customers and more developers, creating a virtuous cycle.

That's why WooCommerce is now used on over 3 million active WordPress sites. And it now boasts 328 extensions. These add-ons allow store owners to do everything from the simple and straightforward, like processing payments and calculating shipping rates, to the more complex and esoteric, like bundling items together for special sales and creating virtual goods or membership sites.

We're glad we chose Woo as our platform of choice and we were happy to see Automattic, the company that stewards the development of the WordPress platform, aquire Woo in May of 2015. This has given WooCommerce a blessing as the unofficial, but sort of official, ecommece standard for WordPress.

If you're interested in creating a ecommerce site or adding ecommerce functionality to your existing WordPress site, send ReadyMade a message via our Contact Page.

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