Improving Your WordPress SEO with Cloudflare

by Cord Blomquist | October 25, 2016 | |
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No plugin, service, or magical bit of coding can make up for great content. When it comes to SEO, what's most important is creating high-quality, trustworthy, and useful content.

But even the best content can suffer when its poorly delivered. For several years Google has used page load times as a factor in search engine ranking, giving higher priority to websites that deliver content to users fast.

Optimizing WordPress for speed used to involve complex caching software, setting up refresh rules, and hand-crafting code to be as compact and quick-to-deliver as possible. But now, thanks to services like Cloudflare, staying up-to-date with the latest best practices is much, much easier.

At it's core, Cloudflare does this by moivng your content geopgrahically closer to your website visitors. Employing 83 data centers across the globe, Cloudflare shortens round-trips to your site improving load times, reducing bandwidth costs, and ensuring that your site isn't inaccessible when you're lucky enough to a get sudden bump in traffic.

Cloudflare also takes the complexity out of optimizing your site by automatically doing the following:

Auto-minification of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

Google's PageSpeed tool tests for proper "minification" of code. Not having this code-compaction in place reflects poorly on your site. Cloudfalre automatically minifies this code through its WordPress plugin.

Gzip Compression

Enabling compression can reduce your site's response time by up to 90%. All browsers are able to utilize "gzip" compression if your website has it enabled. Cloudflare does this automatically, providing users with faster load times and reduced bandwidth use.

Page Rules

Page rules bring improve peformance, better security, and increased reliability to your WordPress site. Cloudflare's plugin for WordPress automatically applies these rules, specifically optimizing for SSL (which keeps your website secure) and ensuring that caching is properly setup across your site. 


Learn More

To learn more about Cloudflare's unique global content delivery network, download a copy of "CloudFlare CDN," a free whitepaper. You'll learn how Cloudflare helps to reduce load times, increase conversions, and provides a better overall experience for website visitors.

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